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#4012 ORE CARS - 4012
#4012 ORE CARS

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Scale: HO

ERA 1906 TO 1940
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Timothy Carson says...

What a fun build, everything fit perfectly, nice holes for grabirons. The coupler box pivot hole could be a little larger diameter for Kadee whisker couplers, but it's ok. This may be blasphemous, but i converted the cars to center dump from an old Tyco clamshell dump hopper car.

Rich Cormier says...

One of the finest kits I have ever had the pleasure of building! Following along with the very well written instructions and a fresh #11 blade, One may take their first excursion into kit-building and enjoying every second of the experience; at the same time, developing a taste for more.

Sam Bass says...

As close to a shake-the-box kit as you can get since the demise of the Athern kits. I changed the truss rods and queen posts and moved the brake cylinder and air tank to under the slope sheet on the B end. Also used Bitter Creek Models T-94 narrow gauge archbar trucks. Love these kits!

XB-70 says...

Top quality! I have built about 50 of these excellent kits. I complete them and then airbrush them. Tip: When assembling the trucks, it is essential to make sure that they are perfectly square and level. I glue them, set them on a flat surface and then put a little weight on them while they set. I still haven't figured out how to make the brake assembly stay on the truck (without gluing them). Great value in the six-pack.

Reed says...

Great kit at a great price. I've built six so far. Anyone that's got some basic experience building kits of any material can get this together nicely. I can't speak to the trucks, as I use Kadee metal trucks and wheelsets--among other things, to add weight. There's nowhere to hide weight in an empty car; the metal trucks help. Excellent detail--look GOOD. If you have a long string of empties, and a few heavy cars further back in the consist, stringlining is possible on a sharp curve.

Allen Campbell says...

I bought the 12 pack of these kits and was a bit intimidated at first look by all the tiny parts. I must however agree with others with the outstanding molding quality and the superb instructions these kits are pure pleasure to build. They make beautiful turn of the century rolling stock.

Ken says...

Loved building these detailed ore cars from the turn of the century. They fit in well with my scratchbuilt Upper Michigan iron mine headframe scene.

HappyJigg says...

One of the nicest kits I have built so far. Everything goes together so easily, the only problem I had was some flash on the trucks which was easily removed. The 12 pack is next on my list!

Nicholas taylor says...

this kit works amazing! i used it for hon30 coal hoppers and its quite ez to convert! I would recommend! the kit came together nicely! and all of the parts fit well

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