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We bring together the best of two worlds, combining the fun and reward of fine model building with the rapidly growing interest in prototype railroading, freight cars and structures, in particular. The preservation of prototype history in miniature.

Our kits are different than those you may be more familiar with. Rather than a few basic pieces with most of the detail molded on, ours have more in common with the plastic kits in other hobbies - planes, cars, and military miniatures. Ours have separate perfectly fitting parts, the assembly of which results in a crisp, clean, accurately scaled prototypical "look".

Our plastic kits simply reflect natural progression from the wood/metal craftsman kits of the past to the highly developed technology of today, and tomorrow...

In years to come, modelers in other hobbies will discover our fine plastic railroad kits...

But you can, right now!

Happy modeling!

Don Tichy


The key personnel at TICHY TRAIN GROUP are active model railroaders with over fifty-five years of collective experience in the hobby.


Advanced technology and old world craftsmanship combine to produce the finest plastic kits available. Since all aspects of the manufacturing procedure done in our own plant, we have complete control over the quality of out product.

Our extensive research library helps us to ensure the accuracy of every detail. Our fully equipped toolroom enables us o translate the design into permanent metal tooling, using cutters ranging from three inches in diameter to as small as a human hair. Each kit many represent several thousand hours of design, engineering, template and model making, engraving and hand polishing. However, this painstaking attention to detail makes the final product speak for itself.

Because so much care has gone into the tooling, we felt we must also have control over the plastic molding process. In-house plastic injection molding is rare in the hobby industry due to the large capital expenditure and specialized skills required.

But this isn't the end of the story. Each of the many thousands of parts is carefully inspected for any defects prior to packing. Of course, a few do slip by, but are immediately replaced free of charge and with our apology. The kits are then poly-bagged, sealed and packed in a manner to prevent scaring of damage in transit. This assures you of a fresh clean kit for your enjoyment.


We're concerned about details - and not only prototype details.

Our kits conform to all applicable NMRA standards and recommended practices. They accept Kadee® #5 or equivalent style couplers (not included) and we provide special molded washers to allow correct coupler height with other trucks.

Our own trucks are included along with illustrated step-by-step instructions, prototype history and painting guide. To avoid confusion, each part is identified by the correct name, and is keyed to the instructions by a number engraved on the "runner" system.

Molded in a light grey easy to paint styrene that reflects light, even the smallest part is easy to see. Spares are usually provided for those smaller detail parts that might get lost or damaged during assembly.

Only minimal tools are required; modelers knife, small file, tweezers, and a small brush to apply liquid cement. Additionally, you will need either aerosol paint or an inexpensive airbrush.

So give us a try - we know you will agree with many thousands of modelers like yourself...

We're putting the fun back into model railroading!

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