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#4010 WRECKING CRANE - 4010

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Scale: HO

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Rusty says...

I have built 2 of these tips work slow and easy white sheet of paper saved me more than once flashlight helps good luck take this one nice n easy

Steve says...

Built crane several years ago. Fantastic detail and great model. Agree you must concentrate and take your time.

Justin says...

I have one and want to build more it was a fun build. The crane has great detail.

Reynold De Jager says...

Great kit with the best fitting parts ever. The only trouble I had was getting the two boom lattice strips onto the boom sides without a bit of down warp to one side. I made the cab assembly able to slide back off, per instructions, to enable viewing the detailed hoist mechanisms better. That feature is perfect and so appreciated! I have now bought a second kit to kit-bash since the first went together so well. Maybe I'll even try to power it!

Richard Cormier says...

Several years ago, I decided to "Cocoon" one new years' eve. I have spent many less enjoyable evenings than this one was! Follow the instructions to a "T" and you should have no real problems. While definitely not a beginner's project, it is both challenging and ultimately rewarding. It is a handsome kit when finished. Like others have said: Take your time. Recommended "wreck train components: three or so Tichy flat cars, boom car, an old tender, and a wooden caboose.

Doug Richardson says...

After seeing the Jersey Central steam crane on display in Steamtown, I wanted one for my road. My supplier said that Tichy was the only company that made one, so I bought the kit. I was stunned when I opened the box and realized this kit was for serious modelers, so I accepted the challenge and started studying the instructions. To make a long story short, I was absolutely enthralled by the kit and, by going step by step with the instuctions I wound up with an almost perfect replica of C.R.R.of N.J. #5. Leter I built a second kit for my own road, and again, it turned out beautifully. In short, Tichy makes great kits!

Tim says...

Wonderful model, complicated build but good instructions, take your time and study the progress, helps to test fit pieces before glueing to make sure you have them correct, very satisfied, we’ll worth the price, would highly recommend


Excellent details, very little casting flash read instructions and do not be in a hurry test fit all parts. Paint in sequence after letting assembled pieces dry before final assembly. You will be very pleased with finished product. You make a great kit tichy . A 50 + year model railroader


lots of small parts . excellent castings free of flash , no missing parts. TIP to modellers not for the faint of heart, take your time follow detailed instructions and paint in sections, then final assembly. you will be rewarded with a beautiful model.

jim nicolson says...

Ditto Ditto and Ditto-got me hooked on the whole line.

Don White says...

Great kit but very challenging. I had a little trouble with the "wheels" between the deck and the crane, but everything fits. The end result is stunning.

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